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Get Started With nlux

Getting started with nlux is easy.
Choose your preferred way to get started:

nlux + LangChain

For the users of LangChain, the popular LLM framework. We use LangServe to connect to LangChain runnables.

nlux + ChatGPT From Browser

Quick and easy setup. Not suitable for production environments though, as it exposes the API key. Use this guide for prototyping and testing.

nlux + ChatGPT With Node.js Server

In this guide, you will learn how to properly set up a Node.js server to use nlux with ChatGPT. We use the nlbridge package for quick and easy integration.

nlux + Hugging Face

We use nlux to a LLMA2 model hosted on Hugging Face Inference. This guide is for you if you want to use nlux with Hugging Face models.

nlux + Custom Backend

If you have a custom backend and would like to use nlux with it, this guide is for you. We will build an adapter for a custom backend and use it with nlux.