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Authentication & Security

To integrate nlux with OpenAI's services, you first need to obtain an API key from OpenAI. This key acts as your unique identifier and access token for using OpenAI's APIs, including ChatGPT.

Do I need to pay to use OpenAI's APIs?

OpenAI offers a free tier for its API that only includes $5 in free credit which can be used during the first three months of usage [Ref pricing page here]. This free credit allows users to experiment with various OpenAI services, including GPT-based models and possibly others, depending on their pricing and the credit's applicability. But in practice, the free tier is not enough for most use cases, and you may have restrictions on the number of requests you can make, or the models that you can use.

We recommend to use the paid tier, starting from $5 per month, which allows you to use the full power of OpenAI's APIs.

How do I get my API key?

Here's how you can get your API key:

  1. Sign Up or Log In to OpenAI: Visit OpenAI's website and sign up or log in to your account.
  2. Access the API Section: Once logged in, navigate to the API section in your dashboard.
  3. Click Create new secret key to create a new API key.
  4. Copy the API key: Once the key is created, copy it to your clipboard. You will need it in the next step.

How do I use my API key with nlux?

If you're using nlux with React, you can use the useUnsafeChatAdapter hook to create an OpenAI adapter and pass your API key to it:

const chatGptAdapter = useUnsafeChatAdapter({apiKey: 'YOUR_OPEN_AI_API_KEY'});

With the Vanilla JS version of nlux, you can create an OpenAI adapter like this:

const chatGptAdapter = createUnsafeChatAdapter().withApiKey('YOUR_OPEN_AI_API_KEY');

API Keys And Security

Your API key is a secret token that allows you to access OpenAI's APIs. You should never share your API key with anyone else. If you suspect that your API key has been compromised, you can revoke it and create a new one in your dashboard.


If you intend to use nlux's OpenAI adapter on a public website, you should never store your API key in your frontend code. Instead, you should store it in your backend code and make the API calls from there. This is because storing your API key in your frontend code exposes it to the public, which is a security risk.

If you're building a custom backend that uses OpenAI's APIs, you can build a custom adapter for your backend and use it with nlux. You can find more information about building custom adapters in the Adapters section.